Kuruluş: Osman – Episodio 89

Kuruluş: Osman – Episodio 89

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 89, While the Alps are fighting the Byzantine soldiers, Osman begins to follow Arius. Bala says Sheikh was poisoned and calls Abdal. Abdal checks Sheikh’s food and says it is poisonous. Bala remembers that Cornelia brought this dish and asks the soldiers to bring her. Osman attacks Arius again. Barkin goes to Arius before Osman and helps him escape. The next day, Ibrahim talks to Barkin for a long time and tells him what to do to gain power.

Arius says he will leave Osman alone and sends two chests of gold to Barkin. Osman goes to Kosses’ castle and starts talking to him about the arrows he found in the forest. Osman says he will find the man who accused Gunduz soon and tells Turgut about his plan. Ibrahim Fakih goes to the dervish lodge and asks how the Sheikh is doing. Ibrahim sees that Kumral is preparing an antidote and says he will help him. Osman sets out with his soldiers to attack Inhisar. Barkin then holds a meeting with the Beys in the tribe and says he wants to be the new Bey.

Osman then holds a meeting with the Beys. Some Beys are very disturbed by recent events. Osman says he will find out who blew up the inn soon, but Turgut objects to him. Osman asks Turgut to leave the tribe. Cornelia sneaks out and meets with Arius. Cornelia asks him why he saved Sheikh. Arius says he saved Sheikh’s life to gain the trust of the Turks. Arius tells Cornelia about his new plan. Some of the attendees object to Barkin. Barkin says he is innocent and respects Beys’ decision. Ibrahim says it is wrong for Turgut to act without permission. Osman says it’s time to stop Turgut.

Cerkutay does not understand that this child is Kayi and begins to eat with him. Kosses goes to Nikola’s castle and starts talking to Mateus. Kosses says he will support Inhisar against Turks. Osman then goes to a cave and talks to his allies there. Osman learns that the Byzantine Emperor will soon send many soldiers to Inegol. Kosses says that if they take Inhisar, they will leave Nikola in a difficult situation. Bala says she is suspicious of Ibrahim and Cornelia. Osman tells Selcan that Gunduz is still alive at the castle.

Osman says that the next target is Inegol and continues to implement his plan. Cornelia secretly talks to Arius and tells him that Selcan is starting to suspect something. Osman realizes that Barkin is trying to take the place of Umur and Ivaz. Malhun gets angry because she wasn’t invited to this meeting. Arius secretly talks to Barkin again and says that he will become stronger thanks to this marriage.

Barkin says he is innocent and respects Beys’ decision. Ibrahim says it is wrong for Turgut to act without permission. Osman says it’s time to stop Turgut. Cornelia takes her dagger to kill Selcan, but meanwhile, someone else enters the tent. While Selcan is praying, this man stabs her. Selcan goes to Osman’s tent in an injured state and asks him for help. Osman asks Selcan who did this and says he will find the attacker immediately.

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